NWEA State Solutions

NWEA State Solutions

Helping states transform their systems to improve learning

When measuring student learning is not enough

It’s more important than ever to close opportunity gaps and address a wide range of student learning needs. We partner with states to make assessments part of the solution, rather than just a measure of the challenge. Our comprehensive systems help states support districts with instructionally relevant information throughout the school year and produce summative results for accountability purposes.

Putting people and partnership first

Working closely with state leaders and educators, we co-create solutions that are focused on students and tailored to the vision, needs, and expectations of each state. We challenge established practices—and our own thinking—in order to solve longstanding problems.

What to expect from NWEA

Guiding principles

We specialize in the design and delivery of comprehensive programs that leverage data in new ways to avoid redundant testing and maximize informed action at both the classroom and systems level. We are guided by each state’s goals and an emphasis on:


Reduce interim testing or shorten or eliminate the summative test, maximizing instructional time and learning.


Promote focused action to support learning with consistent, standards-aligned information each term.


Help educators improve learning for all and close opportunity gaps with timely, useful data and professional learning.


Provide opportunity to celebrate growth to and beyond proficiency with access to within- and across-year growth data.

Co-creating tailored solutions

Our development, design, and delivery professionals work side by side with state teams on assessment programs that are tailored to the unique needs of the communities they serve.

Psychometrics and content expertise

Our experienced team understands how to design student-centered assessments with the rigor necessary to meet federal accountability requirements. Our experts work with states on areas such as:

Educator engagement

Engage educators in item writing, alignment studies, bias and sensitivity review, range achievement level descriptor review and definition, standard setting, and more.

Test model

Connect or integrate interim and summative assessments, implement an improved summative test, or create another design—the possibilities are wide-ranging.


If an adaptive approach is desired, choose the type and degree of adaptivity: within grade only, off grade, or staged to combine fixed, adaptive, or variations of adaptivity.


Use a variety of content types created to maximize accessibility, including multiple choice and technology-enhanced polytomous items, writing prompts, and science tasks.

Proven foundation and tailored services


Our stable enterprise platform has delivered 32 million assessments in multiple states and 24 countries. Flexible and easy to manage, it supports configuration of test administrations, custom user roles and permissions, student mobility, and more.

Insights and reporting

Interactive and static reports range from aggregate to the individual student level. States can choose which data types to include in reports for various roles such as assessment directors, school leaders, teachers, and families.

Professional learning

Built to scale, professional learning is tailored to each state and focused on impact. Partner with us to identify a theory of change and create onsite and/or online sessions that help educators and administrators use assessment results to foster learning.

Spotlight on Equity

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NWEA understands the critical role of assessment data in supporting student-centered instruction, as well as informing the systems, policies, and investments that support equal opportunity for all students to learn. As we partner with states to create impactful assessment programs, we apply an equity lens to test design, content development, and integration of accessibility and accommodations.

Fact sheet: Creating equitable assessments
See how NWEA promotes fairness and inclusion to advance educational opportunity.

Driving change—together

At NWEA, we are dedicated to partnering with states to develop systems of learning, assessment, and accountability that are tailored to the unique needs and strengths of their communities. Together, we can design fair and inclusive assessment systems that support equal access to a high-quality education and successful outcomes for all students.

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