School Improvement

Diagnose, measure, and improve school outcomes

How do you know if your school is set up for success? How are you measuring it?

We provide an evidence-based evaluation of the essential elements proven to maximize student success, and we pinpoint precisely where your school needs to improve to see meaningful gains in student outcomes. We then partner with you to transform your data into concrete actions and continuous improvement plans that lead to lasting, sustainable change.

The 5Essentials: Leading the way with a holistic, evidence-based approach

Through our exclusive partnership, NWEA School Improvement leverages UChicago Impact’s renowned 5Essentials Survey and Framework. The 5Essentials is an evidence-based diagnostic survey that provides meaningful insight into how well a school is organized for improvement. It provides meaningful measurement of the five essential factors in schools that research shows are linked to improved school and student outcomes.

It truly was a partnership. It wasn’t something that I felt like I had to drive. I felt extremely supported. Our technical assistance providers were all in with a knowledge and passion for family and community engagement. They immersed themselves in research, asked questions, and remained open to working with me, my staff, the community, and Family & Community Liaisons. 

Director, Community Partnership
Tacoma Public Schools

Available services

Support at every level and every step of the way

NWEA School Improvement services are aligned to the 5Essentials Framework and include:

5Essentials Survey

Provides actionable data and insights into strengths and opportunities for improvement

5Essentials professional learning

Educates leaders on the 5Essentials Framework and Survey and how to use survey results to improve schools

Needs assessment

A customized series of interviews and observations to launch and refine improvement planning

Leadership coaching

Shoulder-to-shoulder support for principals to deepen leadership skills

District systems advising

Develops systems, processes, protocols, and practices for student improvement

School improvement professional learning

Builds educator knowledge and skills around topics aligned to the 5Essentials Framework

Meet the NWEA School Improvement leadership coaches

NWEA School Improvement leadership coaches are building and district leaders with experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with educators to improve schools and systems. Their expertise with MAP® Growth™ and the 5Essentials Framework helps them guide educators in using data to improve outcomes.

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