5Essentials Survey

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5Essentials Survey

Determine the best leverage points for improvement with powerful data

The 5Essentials® Survey from UChicago Impact® is a diagnostic assessment of a school’s organizational conditions, culture, and climate that helps education leaders prioritize the issues that matter most in achieving sustainable school improvement.

Data to inform and inspire change

The 5Essentials Survey is administered annually to students and teachers, with an optional family component. Resulting data illuminate key insights about each school’s organizational strengths and areas ripe for opportunity across the 5Essentials: effective leaders, collaborative teachers, involved families, supportive environment, and ambitious instruction.

Tailored to your team

After in-depth survey analysis, schools receive individualized web-based reports that offer a comprehensive view of their school environment.

The 5Essentials reporting site allows educators to:


performance across the 5Essentials that matter most for school improvement.


performance across the multiple survey measures that make up each of the 5Essentials.


patterns across student subgroups and compare school performance to the district.


changes in the organizational conditions that are necessary for school improvement.

Go further with 5Essentials professional learning

With two suites of experiences, 5Essentials professional learning helps leaders leverage survey insights to create improvement plans that strengthen the organizational conditions linked to long-term school and student success.

5Essentials foundations

These introductory sessions ground leaders in the 5Essentials and examine central ideas of the 5Essentials Framework.

Sessions include:

Gain a solid foundation on the 5Essentials system, scoring, and reports.

Consider practices that foster trust and reflect on actions to promote deeper levels of trust.

Delve into recent research that provides a frame to consider the structures, policies, processes, and programs that enable schools to create safe, supportive environments.

Understand the importance of promoting teacher influence and leadership to improve the school learning climate.

5Essentials school improvement

These sessions help educators analyze their 5Essentials data within a cycle of improvement and apply the data to coherent school improvement plans.

Sessions include:

Learn about the 5Essentials improvement cycle and use protocols to explore and discuss your data.

Finalize a school improvement plan with a coherent set of goals, methods for progress monitoring, and an implementation plan.

Evaluate your initial actions and adjust your plans to promote continued progress.

Reflect on wins and challenges while identifying areas of growth and progress.

See what’s possible with NWEA School Improvement

The 5Essentials Survey is only the beginning. See how NWEA can partner with your school community to drive continuous improvement.